Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vocabulary Time!

 Swearing, just like eating a good steak, savoring a wine or spending time with friends, is an important part of Argentine culture. Below are some of the phrases that Old Man River spat on his television.

 *Advisory* If you are under the age of 18 or over 65, you should get someone's permission (parent or doctor, respectively) before reading.

 Argentine Slang (Lunfardo)
English Translation
“La concha de tu hermana”
"Your sister’s pussy"/Go to Hell (he also refers to his & your mother, aunt and grandmother as well)
“Hijo de puta”
Son of a bitch
Prick or douche bag
A nicer way to say “pelotudo” AKA: Idiot
Stupid, acting like a child
“La puta que me parió”
The bitch that gave birth to me
“Pongan huevo”
Grow a pair or telling someone to hustle (in a sports reference)
“Parado mental”
Mental retard
“Forro de mierda”
“Shit condom” AKA: fucking asshole

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  1. We use "Boludo" also in a friendly way, I think that is more or less like "Dude", depends a lot on how someone tells you "Boludo" :)

    "Que haces boludo! como andas?" (Ey dude, how are you?) is friendly..
    while "Sos un boludo" is not ;)