Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Che of the Day: Gonzalo

Gonzalo - The Smooth Criminal
Age: 31
Hometown: Buenos Aires but has lived in Los Angels for 10 years and Barcelona for 8.
Occupation: Working as little as possible (how Argentine of him!)
Ultimate celebrity crush: Kate Moss (back in her early CK days)
Favorite musician: Joan Manuel Serrat (old school Spanish music, (check out one of his most popular songs)
Favorite movie: 8 1/2 by Frederico Fellini (won 2 Academy awards)
# of times he's been in love: 3
# of times he's had his heart broken: Many
First thing he notices in a woman: Her voice (riiight!) 
If he was a woman for a day, he'd: masturbate for half and have sex for the other (he didn't say with who)
If his house was on fire, he'd take: a box with all his keepsakes and his Mac computer (Apple DOES rule the world apparently)
If he had only one day to live, he'd: have a goodbye party with all of the important people in his life, pig out on food (specifically beef, and Freddo ice cream), and then experiment with drugs. (a solid day in my opinion)
Has he ever been arrested: "You want to know all the times?" (ya know, the usual)
The most years between him and someone he's hooked up with: 30 years, older. (my granny says she doesn't regret it! --disclaimer, not my real granny)
The ultimate super power: Teleportation (golf clap for that one)

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